Hand-Embellished Cards

My hand-embellished cards represent the commitment of Printer & Press to provide you with high quality, affordable artwork.  I grew up going to art fairs, planning my entire summer work schedule around the days certain fairs are on (thanks to the Glen Arbor Art Fair, I have almost never worked on a Wednesday during the summer in my life!). And although I never had hundreds of dollars to spend on an original painting, instead I would find something small and special to buy at many different booths, often the same booths every year…and still do.  Now the tables have turned and I find myself being the one with the booth.  I find great joy in the people who buy my cards, especially when they find that one single card that they just have to have.  I love providing affordable artwork to people who really appreciate it.  With my cards, I guarantee you will find something special.

Each card is first drawn as an original pen and ink drawing on white paper to the size that it will be printed as the card.  The drawing is then scanned into Photoshop and colored digitally.  I print the image with my desk printer onto various colors of cardstock from either French Paper Co. or Neenah papers. Each and every card is then scored, cut, and hand-embellished with white ink, making each card into a sort of original.  The card packs are packaged with colorful envelopes, because that is just more fun, and secured with bellybands that are also printed and cut on my desk printer in my studio.

You can find all the cards you see here for sale at PrinterAndPress on ETSY!


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