In the Studio

I don’t like white walls, clearly.  My place of creation, which has had many locations throughout the years, has always needed to be covered with all of my favorite things. The walls of my main studio are a collection of all of the cards, prints, calendars, posters, and even tapestries I’ve ever bought over the years everywhere from art fairs to the Renaissance Festival.  Not to mention about fifty glittery folded paper German stars I’ve hung from the ceiling.  All of these things make me feel at home, like I can create something just as magical myself within this haven of whimsy.

My main studio here is where I do all of my drawing and digital printing as well as packaging and framing.  I also have a printmaking studio that is in my parents lovely basement.  It is home to both of my etching presses, as well as everything that I need to acid etch and create hand-pulled prints.  It will always be a work in progress until I can move it to a more permanent location, but for now, it allows me to continue to make the art I love to make!