Meet the Paper

Paper is essential to all parts of Printer & Press.  From drawing to digital printing to printmaking, I use many different kinds and colors of paper in a variety of ways.  I want this site and my business to not just be about selling art, but also about educating people on processes they may not be familiar with. I also want to showcase some smaller businesses out there that have awesome, quality products.

B & H 
is the professional’s source for all things digital.  I buy all of my Epson printer ink here, as well as the paper for my large illustrations. I print on Epson Hot Press Natural paper which is made from 100% cotton rag and using a hot press production technique, this paper features a smooth matte finish.  Also, by forgoing the use of optical brightening agents, this media will offer a warmer, more natural coloration that is less prone to degradation over time. Designed for longevity, Hot Press Natural is free of acid, lignin, and chlorine and is pH buffered. Overall, this paper provides the look and quality that I need to make a product I can sell with confidence!  B & H WEBSITE

French Paper Company is a Michigan based company that has been manufacturing paper for more than 140 years and is one of the last, small, independent paper mills in America.  I love using French Paper because they have so many fun colors to choose from as well as fast shipping and outstanding packaging. Not to mention their environmentally conscious practice of using hydroelectricity to power their mills.  I use French Paper to print my cards on, usually choosing colors from the Speckletone, Kraft-tone, or Pop-tone lines which are acid-free and beautiful.   Head to FRENCH PAPER COMPANY today and check it out!

Neenah Paper Inc. is recognized as a world-class manufacturer of premium writing, text, cover, specialty and private watermark papers.  The first time I ever bought paper to print my cards on was in Traverse City, Michigan.  I was looking for kraft paper card-stock, and I came home with 750 sheets of Neenah’s Royal Sundance Kraft cover paper.  I thought I would never use all of it, but over 3,000 sheets later, I’m still satisfied with it.  I use the cover weight kraft paper for the majority of my cards; its smooth texture is perfect for scoring and folding, not to mention my illustrations print well on it.  It is also very affordable when purchased from Millcraft locations.  Head to NEENAH PAPER INC to see more!


Hollander’s is a wonderful store in Ann Arbor, Michigan that specializes in decorative papers and bookbinding supplies.  I love going just to look at all the products they have: hand marbled paper, Japanese paper, paper in any color or design you would ever need, plus clever wrapping ideas and gifts.  I regret I have not learned how to bind a book as of yet, but I do know that they have a great selection of paper to pull etching prints on.  I go to HOLLANDER’S to buy my BFK Rives watercolor paper as well as Domestic Etching paper.  Chances are if you have one of my etchings, it was printed on one of these two kinds of papers. BFK RIVES is a popular and beautiful, heavyweight paper mouldmade in France of 100% cotton. It is acid free, internally sized, and has two natural deckles and two torn deckles.  It has an exceptional wet strength and must be soaked for at least 30 minutes before pulling an etching print.  I love using this paper because it is so strong, and after drying, it retains its strength and does not warp. DOMESTIC ETCH: This paper is machine made in the USA with 50% cotton fibers. It is warm white in color and acid free with two deckle edges. It accepts all printmaking and drawing techniques.  When used for etching, I soak it for 5 minutes which is ideal for test prints or if I want a more natural cream color to my piece.  It is important to make sure this paper is dried flat because it will retain warping from the pressure of the press.

Paper Presentation is a website I have used to buy envelopes long before I was buying paper for printing.  For my first show, selling my first card set ever, I found out that I had to provide envelopes with them.  Paper Presentation offers any color you could ever want in over 40 different sizes/types of envelopes, as well as liners, invitations, tags, boxes, labels, and paper accessories.  I figured if I’m going to sell cards, I want the packaging to be fun and different.  That’s why in all of my packs of cards there are 4 different color envelopes, each picked from my Paper Presentation color swatch book to match each card.  Not to mention every order over $50 (so ALL of my orders ever) comes with free and fast shipping.  I truly love getting my envelopes from PAPER PRESENTATION! 

Paper Presentation Envelopes